NuFlex® 302 High-Temperature Silicone is a non-sag caulking material which cures to form a sturdy, rubbery solid upon exposure to moisture in the air.
It is formulated to perform at temperatures ranging from -65° to 260°C (-85° to 500°F) under continuous operating conditions.

During intermittent exposure, NuFlex® 302 High Temperature will withstand temperatures as high as 316°C (600°F).

  • Industrial Hi-Temp Form-in-Place gasket maker
  • Mechanical assemblies in high temperature environments.
  • Appliance gaskets
  • Ductwork sealer/adhesive
  • Electrical insulation
  • Air conditioner and humidifier gaskets
  • High temperature spacers
  • Water pump and compressor gaskets

Available Colours
Available in Red and Black  (food grade)

Available Sizes
300 ml. cart. (12/cs)- Red
300 ml. cart. (12/cs)- Black 

Product Data Sheet 302 Hi-Temp Red and Black
Safety Data Sheet 302 Hi-Temp Red
Safety Data Sheet 302 Hi-Temp Black
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