Dymonic 100 is a durable, flexible polyurethane sealant that offers excellent performance in moving joints and exhibits tenacious adhesion once fully cured.

  • Typical applications include expansion and control joints, precast concrete panel joints, perimeter caulking (windows, doors,and panels), aluminum, masonry and vinyl siding.
  • Can adhere to damp or green concrete and has a skin time of 2 hrs with a tack-free time of 6 to 8 hr to significantly reduce dirt attraction.
  • Movement capability of +100/-50% in typical field conditions, is low VOC, paintable, jet fuel-resistant, and will not crack, craze or yellow under extreme UV exposure.
  • Suitable for water immersion and will not out gas.
  • Smoke Stop for Partition Joints & Penetrations
  • Unique capability to adhere to damp or green concrete and will not out gas.
  • Compatible and can be coated over with Tremco’s Vulkem Deck Coatings, ExoAir® Air Barrier products and the cold, fluid-applied TREMproof® line of below-grade waterproofing products.

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