VISIONstrip® is a precision-extruded glazing seal consisting of an EPDM rubber extrusion positioned at the sightline with a 100% solids, highly adhesive, cross-linked performed butyl sealant bonded below the rubber extrusion.

  • A single component profile achieving a positive-wet seal between the metal and glass surfaces while providing a clean gasket appearance at the sightline.
  • Used in compression glazing systems wherever the design calls for high performance glazing of curtain wall, unitized curtain walls, punched and ribbon window systems and sloped glazing applications.

Face Clearance

1/16″  0.060” F.C. – 650 ft c/s
1/8″    0.125” F.C. – 440 ft c/s
3/16″  0.188” F.C. – 350 ft c/s
1/4″    0.250” F.C. – 300 ft c/s

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