CSL 503 & 504 is a one part, moisture curing, room-temperature vulcanizing (RTV), 100% silicone sealant that cures to a tough rubber gasket and is ideal for high temperature applications. CSL503 is designed to maintain maximum performance in a continuous temperature environment of up to 315°C (600°F) and intermittent exposure up to 343°C (650°F). The gasket will remain permanently flexible even after 7 day continuous exposure to maximum temperatures.

  • Industrial Hi-Temp Form-in-Place gasket maker
  • Mechanical assemblies in high temperature environments
  • Replaces almost any cut gasket and can be used to coat pre-cut gaskets to increase reliability
  • Water pump and compressor gaskets
  • Appliance gaskets
  • Ductwork sealer/adhesive
  • Electrical insulation
  • Air conditioner and humidifier gaskets
  • Fireplace seals
  • High temperature spacers

503 (Red)

504 (Black)

Available Colours
Available in Red and Black

Available Sizes


Product Data Sheet 503 Red
Product Data Sheet 504 Black
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