CSL 335A is a one part, moisture cure, room temperature vulcanizing (RTV) 100% silicone sealant primarily used in butt or lap shear joints and in weatherproofing glazing applications subject to movement. Can also be used in mirror backing applications.

  • Butt or lap shear joints
  • Weatherproofing glazing applications subject to movement
  • Glazing and backbedding
  • Glass and metal in glazing and curtain wall assemblies
  • Primary or secondary seal against water, air and duct penetration
  • Glazing and installation of steel, aluminum, fiberglass and wood windows
  • Interior and exterior glass partitions
  • General caulking of vents, window and door frames
  • Weatherstripping
  • Skylights and curtain walls
  • High performance sealing for buildings
  • Designed specifically as a glazing and backbedding sealant used in manufacturing applications requiring high tensile strength and high flexibility

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