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  • IPF GREEN is a single component polyurethane foam used to seal around windows, doors and unwanted cracks and gaps in a building envelope. It is an excellent air barrier and has natural additive to fend off rodents and insects. IPF GREEN is made from an MDI Monomer, uses environmentally friendly propellant and contains a Fire Retardant.
    • CCMC Approved
    • Excellent cell structure
    • Green in colour, for easy identification
    • Ideal for low temperature and low humidity applications
    • Excellent performance at below freezing temperatures
    • High yield product
    • Low pressure & low expansion
    • Effective natural Pest Control benefits
    Available Sizes 12 cans per case 26 oz/750 ml can
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  • Rivenco X Gun Foam is an All Weather, low expansion, UL classified, one component polyurethane foam. It is designed for use in extreme temperatures and low humidity conditions for general sealing of gaps, holes and crevices. It is designed to be used with any one of the Rivenco Professional Foam Dispensers.
    • Extreme climate foam (-18°C)
    • Closed cell structure reduces unwanted air and insect infiltration
    • Helps reduce energy consumption
    • Freeze-thaw stable
    • Reusable when stored properly
    • Low expansion foam
    Available Sizes 12 cans per case 29 oz/820 ml can
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  • Handi-Foam® Fireblock West low pressure one-component polyurethane foam sealant is a moisture cured sealant.
    • Handi-Foam Fireblock West is more effective than many traditional fire blocking foams for the blocking of flames and smoke in concealed penetrations, preventing flame spread from room to room and floor to floor.
    • Designed to seal, fill, bond and stop air infiltration in areas with high temperature and low humidity climates.
    • Handi-Foam Fireblock West has a recognisable orange colour easy to identify. It is an approved fireblock for Type V residential construction.
    Available Sizes 12 cans per case  
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  • New Formulation! UltraSeal® PF-50 Extreme Weather Straw Foam is a low expansion, one-component polyurethane foam.
    • It is UL classified and designed to be used with a straw dispenser.
    • It is ideal for general sealing of gaps, holes and crevices in EXTREME temperature conditions all year round.
    • UltraSeal® PF-50 is a foam system that can be used without a gun dispenser.
    Available Sizes 12 cans per case  
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  • The Handi-Tool HT300 is a durable, solvent-resistant, entry-level foam gun for the Professional Operator that allows for adjustable bead control. The HT300 has a barrel length of 7 inches (18 cm). Features
    • Adjustable bead control with immediate shutoff
    • Durable construction
    • Solvent resistant
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  • The Pageris Foam Gun works for affixing, sound-proofing, mounting, filling, and insulating. It outlasts metal guns 5x longer.  
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  • Lubri-Clean will clean UNCURED foam from guns, surfaces, etc.
    • Dissolves gun and tank foam before it cures
    • It is used to clean and lubricate guns
    • Cleans foam from unwanted areas
    • An essential accessory for gun maintenance
    • Can be used as an aerosol or attached to gun
    • 340ml/12oz can:  12 cans/case
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